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Installation details
Installation details

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in laying the groundwork for this conversation.

The exhibiting artists whose generosity takes many forms, including embracing the vulnerability of sharing their grief and their gifts.

BluSeed Studios Founder, Carol Vossler, for taking up this project at the outset and saying, "YES," to our budding thoughts and ideas. And to Executive Administrator, Marissa Hernandez, for her vision, hard work and flexibility.

BluSeed Studios, heart2heart, Fenwick Foundation, Abundance, North Carolina and the SUNY Plattsburgh Winkel Faculty Development Award for their financial support.


Abundance North Carolina

Fenwick Foundation

BluSeed Studios

SUNY Plattsburgh

Susan Greenspan for her assistance with digital imaging.

Enormous thanks to Cathy Brooksie Edwards, my collaborator on this project, my dear friend and teacher. And to the mutual friend who said to me thirty-one years ago, “I think you would really like this person. You two should meet.”

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