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Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson

time being time, lithograph, 13.5 x 11 inches, 2021

Mark Wilson is co-proprietor of Pendulum Press, a private lithography studio in Holliston, Massachusetts. Wilson earned his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is a Tamarind Certified Professional Lithographer. He has taught at various institutions, including Boston University, the University of Connecticut-Storrs, Massachusetts College of Art, The College of the Holy Cross, and the University of Georgia Study Abroad program in Cortona, Italy.

About time being time Mark writes:


time being time
is the ether we swim in
a life a species a world a universe
seemingly known yet unknown
any measure only relative to the present
perceiving continuum’s arrow or
granular nature
infinitely fine
beyond birth and extinction
vast spacious open
embodied unbound