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Virginia DuQuette
Virginia DuQuette

Aeolian, paper collage, 14 x 11 inches, 2014

Virginia DuQuette grew up in Kansas City and received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. She now lives and makes art in Brooklyn.

About Aeolian Virginia writes:
I have always wanted to bring my dreams and daydreams to life. Collage proved to be the perfect medium. Many of my dreams consist of calamitous weather. Tornadoes and vengeful storms with various animals as harbingers of things to come. I do not recreate actual dreams or preplan a piece. I develop the images in a subconscious way, similar to how the mind makes sense of life in an actual dream using symbolism and disjointed space and time. I enjoy the process of finding images, cutting them out and putting them together in new and unexpected ways. I push outside the perfect edge of the paper... into the unknown. Each piece has a story to tell and, as in any dream, the story is open to interpretation. I want to share my dreamscape and invite the viewer to experience their own. This piece is a woman speaking to a deceased relative, listening to words of wisdom. The bird represents freedom or releasing of the soul at the moment of death.