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Keith DuQuette
Keith DuQuette

2275/MOM/DAD/KIRK, acrylic gouache on panel, 12 x 29 inches (3 panels, each measuring 9 x 12 inches), 2021

Keith DuQuette is an artist and craftsperson who lives and creates in
Brooklyn, New York

About 2275/MOM/DAD/KIRK Keith writes:

I grew up on a cul-de-sac at 2275 Hynes Place. I was blessed to be raised in a loving and highly creative home of six. My parents met in a figure drawing class at the Otis Art Institute. They moved to 2275 in 1955 where they raised my brother, two sisters and me. Art-making was central to our lives together. The artistic cross-pollination in our home was a gift of creative learning.

Over the past four years, I have lost my mother, father and brother. Despite this profound and immense loss, I feel each of their tremendous influences on me and the art I make.

The triptych entitled 2275/MOM/DAD/KIRK is comprised of three abstract paintings that I created in 2021. In each painting, the palette and grouping of shapes in some small way evokes my family’s meaningful influence on my artistic practice.