Diane Fine - Printmaker and Book Artist
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"Discovery" Portfolio
"Discovery: The Tradition of New Tools" was organized by Diane Fine for the 2008 Southern Graphics Council Conference.

Discovery: The Tradition of New Tools includes the work of twelve contemporary artist/printmakers. Each participant was asked to create two prints. Though rooted by the same concept, one print was produced using only traditional (analog) printmaking methods, and the other was realized entirely digitally.
This exercise was intended to answer some questions about the interface of new technology with traditional printmaking modes. What, if any, cognitive differences occur in the use of these separate tools? Does one’s content dress differently in the two distinct arenas? What does one keep and what does one discard as shifts are made from one medium to the next? By applying the constraints described between the two prints (one entirely traditional, the other entirely digital), but allowing the concept of both prints to be squarely located within the artists’ oeuvre, the intention was to fuel each artist’s discovery process about the place of each system within his/her own art production.