Diane Fine - Printmaker and Book Artist
relief and letterpress
14 x 11 inches
Lynne Avadenka's "traditional" contribution to the portfolio is entitled

Lynne states in a note to Diane Fine:
Thank you for inviting me to participate in this portfolio. Although I followed your "directions" faithfully--the digital print was created using only digital means, and the traditional print was created using only traditional methods, it was a thematic link that first connected them. That connecting element was wood, one of the earliest materials used for printing. Then I thought of the poem that would anchor both prints, and I had my points of direction.

The starting point for these prints is a verse from a poem by the medieval poet, Yehuda HaLevi, who yearned to be somewhere he could not be. The portion I include in my prints reads: "My heart is in the east, and I am at the edge of the west."

The digital print is titled "Mideast" and includes the first part of the verse. On a recent rip to Jerusalem, I photographed eucalyptus trees, focusing on their remarkabley colored bark. The print was created in Photoshop, and then printed on Epson archival paper.

The prints that I created using traditional techniques is titled "Midwest" and incorporates the second part of the verse. Print techniques include relief printing from birch veneer and letterpress printing from wood and metal type on Magnani Incisioni gray.
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