Diane Fine - Printmaker and Book Artist
McGibbon and Wilson
14 x 11 inches
Phyllis McGibbon and Mark Wilson's "traditional" contribution to the portfolio is entitled "Daphne and Apollo: Daphne."
McGibbon states: "Both of our images sprang from a photograph Mark took while hiking in the woods of Tuscany. We developed our "traditional" print slowly, sharing the tactile experience of drawing and printing from lithographic stones in multiple runs. We produced our digital print much faster, manipulating our imagery with photoshop and outputting the edition in a single printing session. In each case, our working approach influenced the content as well as the visual characteristics of the final print. Sometime during our collaboration, we began to imagine digital printmaking as Apollo, blazing a path after the sensual Daphne, only to have her freeze and turn to wood once he grasped her."
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