Diane Fine - Printmaker and Book Artist
8 x 6 inches
Lauren Schiller's "traditional" contribution to the portfolio is entitled

Schiller states: "The imagery in my work is drawn from food-related memories, associations and rituals. I make dioramas, set up still lives and take digital photographs to use as source material. Generally, I work out my compositions on the computer before starting a piece. Since I will be altering color, value and detail during the painting or printmaking process, I never get too concerned with how my computer images look.

This portfolio turned my process upside down. I did not start with an idea but rather looked through my many digital files for photographs that I might use for this project. Rarely are my computer compositions successful enough to be considered finished pieces, so I was aware that the quality of the digital images and how seamlessly they combined would determine the final image.

I had used the constellation photograph before and the Shaker bed was in a file to be used for another print, as was the photograph of the military houses at Sandy Hook State Park in NJ. After playing around with these three images, it became clear that the resolution of the Sandy Hook photo was too low. I spent a few days under varying conditions (cloudy, sunny, dusk) taking more photographs then reworked the composition and ended up with this final version. While “Settlement” is not a food-related image, I think that it does convey the spirit of my work."

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